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A runner’s aim is to reach the finish line, the goal of all his struggles, and with a medal around his neck step on the winners podium. The attitude of a lot of companies is similar to the attitude of the aforementioned runner who is running head first towards his goal to sell, without looking around. It is not surprising, after all, it is the selling of their products that is their main priority. Those of us who see the fragile and yet so promising beginning of a new life every day know, that the metaphor of a race is selfishly simplistic. The new life, which motivates our company the most, does not deserve to be looked upon as a mere race.


Realising how precious a new life is should be the right inspiration for all of us. We feel inherently responsible for providing the new mothers with the possibility to choose the most sophisticated, most balanced and most beautiful products for their babies which can complement their parental love.


Our company has been trying to provide retailers and parents with a comprehensive care system since 1992 which does not relate to the arrogance of the predatory runner. As one of the first companies, we resolved to closely inform our customers via the new technologies – we experienced the spread of the Internet and fully utilised it to create presentations about the products that we represent in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and now Hungary too. These presentations enable our customers to become familiar with our range of products quickly and easily.


The fact that we have been successful in informing our customers via the websites of our individual brands might raise the question what the purpose of this website is. The first paragraphs might give a hint – we want to create a space that goes beyond the standard sales practices. Here we will not encourage you to shop in our web shops or try to manipulate you by cheap advertisement. This space that was made available through the means of the Internet is primarily a place for you to share and compare your experiences with those of the other mothers, retailers and also with our own. A common web can also uncover hidden connections between individual brands which bind them into an extraordinary unit. It can be seen that we did not choose those specific products by blind chance, but rather, they are parts of a cleverly assembled system that meets the most demanding requirements both qualitatively and quantitatively.


The Czech maternity fashion brand Rialto fulfils the desire of those mothers who would like to look fashionable during their pregnancy too. The Italian Inglesina strollers and carriages serve as a boat (and what a boat!) for the little sailors and adventurers who set out to discover new lands and perspectives. The child can then peacefully rest at the post of your home surrounded by the Dutch furniture Bébé-Jou. The mom’s worries about hygiene will be taken care of by the British Bambinomio cotton nappies which are exceptionally environmentally friendly. Daddy drives his car, while his baby is safely seated in the German Kiddy car seat. Soon the child learns to walk and starts cheerfully running around the house – the joy from his games is further enhanced by the protecting care of the parents which is represented by the safety gates and safety elements of the Danish company BabyDan.


Throughout the many years on the Czech market we have gained a lot of experience about childcare products which are worth sharing. From the start we have followed a vision to make the parenthood of our customers more pleasurable by providing them with what is really important. This website is only one more step towards our vision.


                                                Yours truly,
                                                Ing. Lubomír Fiedler